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Menus, flyers, business cards, advertising video, stories,...ect. in different styles based on what the customers like and how they want the products to look like.

Communication to understand the customer's wishes is the key to design these products.
Goshi Gotha
sushi menu GOSHI-01.jpg
goshi flyer-1.jpg
goshi flyer-2.jpg
Kan'Koa Restaurant
KAI Sushi Bar
Flyer A6-front-1.jpg
Flyer A6-front-2.jpg
Kaiso Restaurant
Kaiso Speisekarte FINAL-print-01.jpg

MENU (Click to open)

Kaiso flyer-01.png
Kaiso flyer-02.png
Mai Kudamm Restaurant

MENU (Click to open)

Momi Restaurant
Momi Menukasten-01.jpg
Ogimi Restaurant
gutschein ogimi-01.png
gutschein ogimi_Artboard 1_1.png
Visitekarte (96 × 56 mm)-01.jpg
Visitekarte (96 × 56 mm)(1)-01.jpg
Banner 2x1m_2.jpg
flyer A6- Frauentag-1.jpg
flyer A6- Frauentag-2.jpg
Mido Sakura Vegan
Minakami - Japanese Fusion Kitchen
RYU Streetfood
RYU Spiesekarte November 2022-1.jpg

MENU (Click to open)

RYU Flyer-1.jpg
RYU Flyer-2.jpg
Rice Fusion Augsburg
Royal Dragon Restaurant
Tapu Tea
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